The Capitol rioters speak just like the Islamist terrorists I reported on

February 21, 2021 ☼ domestic-terrorismjan6

Source: The Washington Post - Link

Last month, I recognized many of the same forces driving my fellow Americans into extremism. I’m not equating the Jan. 6 rioters with those fighting to unite the world under a caliphate via a global campaign of terrorism. But domestic radicalism has deep parallels to jihadist terrorism: Both movements are driven by alienation from the political system and a resulting breakdown in social norms. For some groups and individuals, this breakdown leads to violence they see as justified to achieve political ends. Law enforcement officials are taking notice. The Department of Homeland Security now identifies American extremist violence, particularly among white-supremacist groups, as “the most persistent and lethal threat” on our shores.

Many of the domestic terrorists are pushed by right-wing news and social media. Propaganda. It almost becomes (and in some cases is) a cult.