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McConnell pushes back on RNC censure of two lawmakers for role in probe of Jan. 6 Capitol attack February 8, 2022
GOP effort at Jan. 6 revisionism off to rough start February 7, 2022
Trump was advised by ‘snake oil salesmen,’ former Pence chief of staff says February 6, 2022
Top Jan. 6 Investigator Fired From Post at the University of Virginia January 23, 2022
Civil Suits Against Trump Seek Damages for Jan. 6 Attack January 10, 2022
Former Republican Rep. Vin Weber reflects on Jan. 6 Capitol attack January 6, 2022
Cobb County GOP in Georgia cancels prayer vigil honoring arrested defendants on anniversary of Jan. 6 Capitol riot January 6, 2022
‘What is it going to it take?’: Rep. Andy Kim reflects on division a year after Jan. 6 January 6, 2022
Rep. Andy Kim with the receipts January 5, 2022
Opinion | The false prophets who inspired the violence on Jan. 6 January 5, 2022
A year after the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection, the world still sees something broken in America’s democracy. January 5, 2022
Navarro confirms Trump’s Jan. 6 plot January 4, 2022
GOP shudders at Trump Jan. 6 speech January 4, 2022
Most Republicans still believe the dangerous falsehood at the heart of Jan. 6 January 3, 2022
Capitol rioters’ tears, remorse don’t spare them from jail January 3, 2022
Rep. Liz Cheney read text messages she said Mark Meadows got during the Jan. 6 siege December 13, 2021
Trump’s defense of ‘Hang Mike Pence!’ is only the most notable rationalization of violence November 12, 2021
Lonnie Coffman, 71, pleaded guilty to bringing molotov cocktails, firearms to Capitol on Jan. 6 November 12, 2021
Warnings of violence before Jan. 6 precipitated the Capitol riot October 31, 2021
Jan. 6 committee leaders call McCarthy’s Trump comments ‘baseless’ September 4, 2021
What federal law is Kevin McCarthy citing when he threatens telecommunication firms? September 2, 2021
Prosecutors: Jan. 6 rioters committed more than 1,000 assaults on police September 1, 2021
Records rebut claims of unequal treatment of Jan. 6 rioters August 30, 2021
Capitol Police clear officer in shooting of Ashli Babbitt during Jan. 6 riot August 24, 2021
Donald Trump’s Plot Against America August 13, 2021
Mary Trump offers powerful insights on her uncle and the dangers of the Second Big Lie August 13, 2021
U.S. judges slam the notion that Capitol riot defendants are patriots, political prisoners August 5, 2021
House GOP’s new midterm headache: Candidates tied to the Capitol riot August 5, 2021
Already Distorting Jan. 6, G.O.P. Now Concocts Entire Counternarrative July 31, 2021
The GOP falsehood that Pelosi turned down National Guard before Jan. 6 July 30, 2021
The false GOP claim that Pelosi turned down National Guard before Jan. 6 attack July 28, 2021
Opinion | The heroes of Jan. 6 expose the lies that Republicans keep telling us July 28, 2021
Opinion | As Jan. 6 hearings begin, Republicans side with the terrorists July 28, 2021
Trump’s PAC collected $75 million this year, but so far the group has not put money into pushing for the 2020 ballot reviews he touts July 24, 2021
In one quote, the core of the effort to undermine the 2020 election is revealed July 23, 2021
Two men charged with plot to firebomb California Democratic Party headquarters July 21, 2021
Donald Trump has completed his journey toward embracing Capitol rioters July 12, 2021
New Videos Of U.S. Capitol Riot On Jan. 6 Show Violence Against Police Officers June 19, 2021
Tucker Carlson’s baseless conspiracy theory that FBI ‘organized’ Jan. 6 June 18, 2021
No, there is no evidence that the F.B.I. organized the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. June 18, 2021
New Videos Of U.S. Capitol Riot On Jan. 6 Show Violence Against Police Officers June 18, 2021
Defense for some Capitol rioters: election misinformation June 5, 2021
Rep. Andrew Clyde who compared Capitol riot to ‘normal tourist visit’ barricaded House doors, photos show May 22, 2021
Hundreds of people stormed the Capitol. Most won’t face hefty prison terms, legal experts say. May 13, 2021
Pelosi rebukes ‘sick’ GOP denial of Jan. 6 violence May 13, 2021
Trump wanted troops to protect his supporters at Jan. 6 rally May 13, 2021
Republicans recast Jan. 6 attack on Capitol by pro-Trump mob as ?normal tourist visit? May 12, 2021
Oath Keeper Pleads Guilty and Will Cooperate in Jan. 6 Riot Inquiry May 6, 2021
Advance Democracy report reveals role in Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection April 15, 2021
Half of Republicans believe false accounts of deadly U.S. Capitol riot: Reuters/Ipsos poll April 5, 2021
Federico Klein To Be Held Pending Trial After He ‘Switched Sides’ In Capitol Riot March 9, 2021
GOP falsely blaming Pelosi for leaving Capitol defenseless March 5, 2021
F.B.I. Finds Contact Between Proud Boys Member and Trump Associate Before Riot March 5, 2021
How the Capitol riot has been linked to Trump and the GOP March 5, 2021
Takeaways: What hearings have revealed about Jan. 6 failures March 4, 2021
Law enforcement on alert after plot warning at U.S. Capitol March 4, 2021
A convenient new fiction: There was no ‘attack on the White House’ last year March 3, 2021
FBI Director Wray reconfirms the threat posed by racist extremists March 2, 2021
Trump falsely claims he ‘requested’ 10,000 troops rejected by Pelosi March 2, 2021
Many Charged In Jan. 6 Riot Refute Baseless Claim That Antifa Stormed Capitol March 2, 2021
Proud Boys’ Alleged Preparation For Capitol Riot Detailed In New Court Filing March 2, 2021
Trump supporters are still pushing false claims that antifa was behind the Capitol riot. March 1, 2021
Rewriting January 6th: Republicans and conservatives push fictional accounts of Capitol riot March 1, 2021
Jim Crow Is Not Dead… And Why We Should Care February 28, 2021
Capitol Police chief: Security will remain high due to State of the Union threat February 25, 2021
The Law that Can Bring Down the Capitol Attackers February 23, 2021
Security officials in charge on Jan. 6 tell Congress conflicting stories February 23, 2021
How the effort to deny the reality of the Jan. 6 attack is evolving February 23, 2021
Pennsylvania officer Joseph Fischer charged in Capitol riots, accused of obstructing police February 21, 2021
The Capitol rioters speak just like the Islamist terrorists I reported on February 21, 2021
U.S. investigating possible ties between Roger Stone, Alex Jones and Capitol rioters February 20, 2021
U.S. alleges wider Oath Keepers conspiracy, adds more defendants in Jan. 6 Capitol riot February 19, 2021
His pastors tried to steer him away from social media rage. He stormed the Capitol anyway. February 19, 2021
Capitol Police Suspends 6 Officers, Investigates Dozens More After Capitol Riots : Capitol Insurrection Updates February 19, 2021
Ron Johnson and the effort to downplay the Capitol riot February 16, 2021
U.S. Capitol Police Union Issues No-Confidence Vote For Top Leaders February 16, 2021
NAACP sues Trump and Giuliani after Jan. 6 riots February 16, 2021
Democratic congressman Thompson sues Trump over role in Capitol riot February 16, 2021
Dozens charged in Capitol riots spewed extremist rhetoric February 16, 2021
Acquittal comes at a price February 15, 2021
Poll: 58 percent of Americans believe Trump should have been convicted February 15, 2021
Opinion | Trump left them to die. 43 Senate Republicans still licked his boots. February 14, 2021
Trump attorneys falsely claim he was denied ‘due process’ February 13, 2021
As Impeachment Nears End, Federal Inquiry Looms as Reminder of Trump’s Role in Riot February 13, 2021
Trump’s Lawyers Repeated Inaccurate Claims in Impeachment Trial February 12, 2021
Nikki Haley’s Time for Choosing February 12, 2021
New details about Trump-McCarthy shouting match show Trump refused to call off the rioters February 12, 2021
It didn’t take long for Trump’s attorneys to blame Jan. 6 on antifa February 12, 2021
Opinion | You can’t hear that officer’s scream and acquit the man who caused it February 11, 2021
Survey: More than a quarter of white evangelicals believe core QAnon conspiracy theory February 11, 2021
How Right-Wing Radio Stoked Anger Before the Capitol Siege February 10, 2021
The Morning: Trump’s rough day February 10, 2021
Proud Boy charged in insurrection blasts Trump’s ‘deception’ in new court filing February 10, 2021
Trump’s lawyers say he was immediately ‘horrified’ by the Capitol attack. Here’s what his allies and aides said really happened that day. February 9, 2021
The Misogynistic ‘Dating Coach’ Who Was Charged in the Capitol Riot February 5, 2021
How Americans can coexist after the deadly insurrection February 5, 2021
Man who wore horns in Capitol riot moved to Virginia jail that serves organic food (bad URL) February 5, 2021
New Militia alliance in Georgia signals new phase for far-right groups February 4, 2021
As democracies such as Myanmar, India and the U.S. backslide, repression transcends borders February 4, 2021
Jenny Cudd, charged in Capitol riot, asks to vacation to Mexico February 3, 2021
Some police deaths are more worrisome to Fox News than others February 3, 2021
Trump Defense Secretary Disarmed D.C. National Guard Before Capitol Riot January 31, 2021
FBI finds evidence of coordination at Capitol riot January 30, 2021
After Capitol Riot, Republican Ties to Extremist Groups Are Under Scrutiny January 29, 2021
The Most Sought-After Capitol Insurrectionists Remain At Large January 29, 2021
Rioters Followed a Long Conspiratorial Road to the Capitol January 27, 2021
Probe of Capitol riot swells further January 27, 2021
D.C. police sent 850 officers to capitol during riot January 27, 2021
DC police union reveals officers suffered ‘brain injuries’ in riot: ‘One officer is going to lose his eye’ January 27, 2021
Homeland security bulletin warns Americans about violence by grievance-fueled domestic extremists January 27, 2021
2 more plead guilty to arson charges in connection with Minneapolis 3rd Precinct fire January 24, 2021
Trump Campaign Paid Organizers of Pre-Riot Rally $2.7 Million January 22, 2021
Military Veterans Overrepresented In Those Charged In Jan. 6 Capitol Riot January 21, 2021
Guy Reffitt, who allegedly threatened his children not to turn him in over Capitol riot, was arrested Saturday January 19, 2021
Thomas Edward Caldwell was charged with conspiracy in the plot against the Capitol January 19, 2021
Self-styled militia members planned Capitol storming in advance of Jan. 6 January 19, 2021
Two Suspects in Capitol Riot Turn Themselves Into The Police January 18, 2021
Police command structure crumbled during Capitol riot January 18, 2021
Trump allies behind rally that ignited Capitol riot January 18, 2021
‘I am not a terrorist’: Retired Navy SEAL speaks January 17, 2021
Officer almost crushed by Capitol mob: “If it wasn’t my job I would have done that for free.” January 17, 2021
For one of the first times in his life, Trump’s words are having consequences for him. January 16, 2021
Off-duty police were part of the Capitol mob January 16, 2021
‘Trump said to do so’: Accounts of rioters who say the president spurred them to rush the Capitol January 16, 2021
‘He has an obligation to them’: Attorney for ‘QAnon shaman’ asks Trump to pardon rioters January 15, 2021
Longtime Trump advisers connected to groups behind rally that led to Capitol attack January 15, 2021
Prosecutor: Capitol rioter aimed ‘to take hostages’ January 15, 2021
‘QAnon Shaman’ Jacob Anthony Chansley’s note to Pence cited as evidence of ‘assassination’ plots January 15, 2021
Online extremists are ignoring Trump’s call for calm January 14, 2021
BLM protest vs. Capitol riot: Comparing police response January 14, 2021
For some Christians, the Capitol riot doesn’t change the prophecy: Trump will be president January 14, 2021
Exclusive: Large bitcoin payments to right-wing activists a month before Capitol riot linked to foreign account January 14, 2021
Liberal Utah activist charged with joining Capitol riot January 14, 2021
Majorities oppose rioters, hold Trump responsible and favor his removal, Post-ABC poll finds. January 14, 2021
Far-right groups make plans for continued attacks before and after Inauguration Day January 14, 2021
The Capitol rioters generated the evidence that will be used against them January 14, 2021
Dozens on FBI terrorist watchlist came to D.C. the day of Capitol riot January 14, 2021
Revealed: walkie-talkie app Zello hosted far-right groups who stormed Capitol January 14, 2021
D.C. police detail their fight to defend the Capitol against pro-Trump mob January 14, 2021
The president as pariah: Trump faces a torrent of retribution over his role in the U.S. Capitol siege January 13, 2021
U.S. Capitol mob brings questions, fallout for pro-Trump police January 12, 2021
Duckworth demands Pentagon investigate if troops participated in Capitol ‘coup attempt’ January 11, 2021
New York Bar Association launches probe to expel Giuliani January 11, 2021
A day for ceremony descends into anarchy on Capitol Hill January 6, 2021
Trump supporters storm U.S. Capitol, shots, tear gas fired January 6, 2021
Opinion: We just saw an attempted coup d’etat. Blame Trump. Blame his Republican enablers. January 6, 2021
Sack cartoon: The proud boy January 6, 2021
White House rebuffed attempts by DHS to make combating domestic terrorism a higher priority August 7, 2019