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F.B.I. Finds Contact Between Proud Boys Member and Trump Associate Before Riot March 5, 2021
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Many Charged In Jan. 6 Riot Refute Baseless Claim That Antifa Stormed Capitol March 2, 2021
Proud Boys’ Alleged Preparation For Capitol Riot Detailed In New Court Filing March 2, 2021
FBI Director Wray reconfirms the threat posed by racist extremists March 2, 2021
FBI Director Wray says domestic terrorism cases have soared to 2,000 in recent months March 1, 2021
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The Capitol rioters speak just like the Islamist terrorists I reported on February 21, 2021
Judge Esther Salas ‘tells 60 Minutes’ Justice Sonia Sotomayor was targeted by same gunman who killed her son February 19, 2021
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The Problem Isn’t Just One Insurrection. It’s Mass Radicalization. February 11, 2021
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As democracies such as Myanmar, India and the U.S. backslide, repression transcends borders February 4, 2021
Canada declares the Proud Boys a terrorist group February 3, 2021
An Emboldened Extremist Wing Flexes Its Power in a Leaderless G.O.P. February 1, 2021
What Ulysses Grant Can Teach Joe Biden About Putting Down Violent Insurrections January 31, 2021
Suspect Pleads Guilty In Plot To Kidnap Michigan Governor, Turns Government Witness January 28, 2021
FBI Arrests Prolific Racist Twitter Troll ‘Ricky Vaughn’ For 2016 Election Interference January 28, 2021
Homeland security bulletin warns Americans about violence by grievance-fueled domestic extremists January 27, 2021
Biden and the West face the threat of far-right extremism January 22, 2021
‘I am not a terrorist’: Retired Navy SEAL speaks January 17, 2021
‘QAnon Shaman’ Jacob Anthony Chansley’s note to Pence cited as evidence of ‘assassination’ plots January 15, 2021
‘He has an obligation to them’: Attorney for ‘QAnon shaman’ asks Trump to pardon rioters January 15, 2021
Exclusive: Large bitcoin payments to right-wing activists a month before Capitol riot linked to foreign account January 14, 2021
BLM protest vs. Capitol riot: Comparing police response January 14, 2021
Far-right groups make plans for continued attacks before and after Inauguration Day January 14, 2021
Dozens on FBI terrorist watchlist came to D.C. the day of Capitol riot January 14, 2021
Revealed: walkie-talkie app Zello hosted far-right groups who stormed Capitol January 14, 2021
For some Christians, the Capitol riot doesn’t change the prophecy: Trump will be president January 14, 2021
White House rebuffed attempts by DHS to make combating domestic terrorism a higher priority August 7, 2019