Half of Republicans believe false accounts of deadly U.S. Capitol riot: Reuters/Ipsos poll

April 5, 2021 ☼ trumpgoplieselectionjan6

Source: Reuters - Link

Three months after a mob of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol to try to overturn his November election loss, about half of Republicans believe the siege was largely a non-violent protest or was the handiwork of left-wing activists “trying to make Trump look bad,” a new Reuters/Ipsos poll has found.

Six in 10 Republicans also believe the false claim put out by Trump that November’s presidential election “was stolen” from him due to widespread voter fraud, and the same proportion of Republicans think he should run again in 2024, the March 30-31 poll showed.

My god, these snowflakes are gullible, but I suppose having a choice between upending their worldview with the truth, and clinging to their leader they choose the latter since it is more comforting.