The Capitol rioters generated the evidence that will be used against them

January 14, 2021 ☼ stupidjan6

Source: The Washington Post - Link

Lyons’s arrest was not exactly a masterpiece of detective work. According to the Justice Department, Lyons posted on Instagram a map of the route from his home in Illinois to D.C., a photo of the exterior of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office and provided FBI agents with videos he’d recorded from within the building. Lyons, nonetheless, marveled at the ability of federal agents to scoop up the information that showed his presence in the building, expressing his surprise they’d found the photo of Pelosi’s office because it “was up for only an hour.”

If it’s any consolation for Lyons, others have probably similarly learned about the FBI’s facility with gathering digital evidence that’s posted on the Internet. Two Virginia police officers were also arrested Wednesday after one posted a selfie of the two of them posing inside the Capitol. The sheer volume of photos and videos capturing the events at the Capitol made it fairly easy for investigators to either identify alleged participants or to generate numerous wanted posters highlighting various people believed to have been involved in the riot.

Stupid. Maybe they thought this was a valuable recruiting tool?