Navarro confirms Trump’s Jan. 6 plot

January 4, 2022 ☼ navarrojan6election-2020treasoncoup

Source: The Washington Post (Link)

Now comes yet further confirmation that the Trump team’s brazen attempt to overturn the 2020 election result was what we thought it was.

In an interview with Rolling Stone and in his new book, Trump White House adviser Peter Navarro lays out the plot to overturn the election. According to him, the “Green Bay Sweep,” as he called it, involved getting Congress to debate the electoral results of six swing states that went for Joe Biden for four hours each — a 24-hour made-for-TV spectacle — after which the results of the election would be declared in-dispute and Congress would revert to the fallback in such situations: the House picking the new president with one vote per congressional delegation. Republicans would hold a majority of congressional delegations and thus would “likely” win in that scenario, Navarro deduced.