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There’s new evidence showing the lack of fraud in 2020 that Trump’s base will never see February 2, 2022
Trump Had Role in Weighing Proposals to Seize 2020 Election Voting Machines January 31, 2022
Exclusive: Trump advisers drafted more than one executive order to seize voting machines, sources tell CNN January 31, 2022
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Donald Trump’s rationale for seizing voting machines was worse than you might have assumed January 21, 2022
Voting technology company sues MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell for defamation January 21, 2022
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GOP senator says Trump’s election allegations are unfounded January 9, 2022
False fraud claims push Crow Wing County to another review of 2020 election January 9, 2022
How the falsehoods at the heart of the Jan. 6 attack survive January 6, 2022
The Villages sees a voter-fraud outbreak — with a MAGA twist January 5, 2022
Former Trump adviser Peter Navarro wants you to know they only intended to overthrow the government peacefully January 5, 2022
Yet Another Resident of The Villages Busted for 2020 Voter Fraud January 5, 2022
Navarro confirms Trump’s Jan. 6 plot January 4, 2022
2 Georgia poll workers sue Giuliani, OAN over election conspiracy theories December 23, 2021
Trump’s ‘Big Lie’ endures and poses a threat to U.S. democracy December 23, 2021
Phil Waldron’s Unlikely Role in Pushing Baseless Election Claims December 21, 2021
A man was sentenced to prison for threatening journalists. I was one of them December 20, 2021
Judge rejects Fox News request to dismiss Dominion Voting’s defamation lawsuit over election claims December 17, 2021
Florida Trump supporters arrested on charges of casting more than one vote in 2020 election December 14, 2021
Trump’s supposed dead voters were either debunked or Republicans October 25, 2021
Trump’s never-ending parade of election falsehoods October 12, 2021
Trump continues to lie, says ‘real insurrection’ happened when he lost election October 6, 2021
Trump Campaign Knew Lawyers’ Dominion Claims Were Baseless, Memo Shows September 21, 2021
It turns out that Trump’s claims of fraud were not scrupulously vetted for accuracy September 21, 2021
Federal judge in Michigan orders pro-Trump lawyers disciplined over lawsuit seeking to overturn 2020 election August 30, 2021
Judge Sanctions Trump Allies And Orders Legal Education For Failed Election Lawsuit August 30, 2021
Pro-Trump lawyers punished by Detroit federal judge for baseless election case August 25, 2021
Report on Arizona ballot review is delayed after Cyber Ninjas chief and colleagues test positive for coronavirus August 24, 2021
Trump and Mo Brooks are booed by the monster Trump’s GOP created August 23, 2021
Patagonia boycotts Jackson Hole ski resort after it hosted GOP fundraiser with Marjorie Taylor Greene August 21, 2021
Arizona ‘bracing for impact’ of Trump-driven election report August 19, 2021
Election Officials Still Face Death Threats And Conspiracies August 17, 2021
Judge refuses to toss out Dominion defamation suits against Powell, Giuliani and Lindell August 13, 2021
‘We are in harm’s way’: Election officials fear for their personal safety amid torrent of false claims about voting August 13, 2021
Former U.S. Attorney Says Trump Wanted to Fire Him For Not Backing Election Fraud Claims August 13, 2021
The spectacular implosion of Mike Lindell August 12, 2021
Mike Lindell’s lead cyber expert says they can’t prove China hacked 2020 election August 11, 2021
Trump’s election conspiracies are coming to a head — again August 9, 2021
Opinion | Trump’s coup attempt grows even more worrisome as new details emerge August 9, 2021
Former Acting Attorney General Testifies About Trump’s Efforts to Subvert Election August 8, 2021
Durbin cites Trump’s direct, personal involvement with DOJ August 8, 2021
The most dangerous scam in American history August 8, 2021
Richard Donoghue’s intriguing testimony on Trump’s attempt to overturn election August 5, 2021
A newly released letter tells us more about Trump’s last-ditch push to steal the election August 5, 2021
Judge sanctions lawyers for bringing 2020 election conspiracy lawsuit August 5, 2021
Donoghue notes show Trump pressing Rosen, Justice on election-fraud claims July 30, 2021
Trump’s false election fraud claims fuel Michigan GOP meltdown July 30, 2021
In one quote, the core of the effort to undermine the 2020 election is revealed July 23, 2021
Two men charged with plot to firebomb California Democratic Party headquarters July 21, 2021
Report: Prosecutors Have Obtained Damning Information Allegedly Implicating Trump in His Company’s Crimes July 21, 2021
Sorting out Trump’s comments on the Arizona audit July 18, 2021
The RNC’s top lawyer called election fraud arguments by Trump?s lawyers Giuliani, Ellis a ‘joke’ July 12, 2021
Meadows Pressed Justice Dept. to Investigate Election Fraud Claims June 18, 2021
Trump’s new chief spokeswoman, Liz Harrington, has been a serial promoter of election lies June 18, 2021
Defense for some Capitol rioters: election misinformation June 5, 2021
Mike Lindell’s ‘fraud’ allegations are even more ridiculous than you might think June 5, 2021
A surreal, submerged, conspiratorial, Trump-centered political universe still thrives June 5, 2021
Elections expert expresses concern over continuing questioning of the 2020 presidential results June 5, 2021
Scholars issue level-headed ‘Statement of Concern’ over ongoing threats to U.S. democracy June 5, 2021
Surveys show Trump supporters’ degree of dedication to the ‘big lie’ May 22, 2021
In Arizona, Republicans accidentally created a robust demonstration of the shoddiness of their fraud claims May 22, 2021
Republican Arizona election official says Trump ‘unhinged’ May 22, 2021
In echo of Arizona, Georgia state judge orders Fulton County to allow local voters to inspect mailed ballots cast last fall May 22, 2021
The GOP’s contortions on Trump and the ‘stolen’ election grow bigger May 22, 2021
Opinion | The threat of violence now infuses GOP politics. We should all be afraid. May 21, 2021
The mess in Maricopa’s audit May 21, 2021
Opinion | Elected Republicans are lying with open eyes. Their excuses are disgraceful. May 4, 2021
Newsmax apologizes to Dominion employee Eric Coomer for falsely alleging he manipulated votes against Trump May 1, 2021
Newsmax Apologizes for False Claims of Vote-Rigging by a Dominion Employee May 1, 2021
Trump pressures Georgia’s Raffensperger to overturn his defeat in extraordinary call January 3, 2021
11 Republican Senators Plan to Back Futile Bid to Overturn Biden’s Election January 2, 2021
Cruz, cadre of other GOP senators vow not to certify Biden win without probe of baseless voter fraud claims January 2, 2021
Analysis | Could Trump declare martial law to try to steal the election? December 24, 2020
Former Houston Police Captain Arrested In Alleged Scheme To Prove ‘Voter Fraud’ December 15, 2020
Analysis | The Trump team throws in the towel on proving voter fraud December 10, 2020
Opinion | Who’s going to tell the GOP base that they’re being scammed? December 8, 2020
‘We’ve lost our moral authority’: Kinzinger unwilling to back off Trump December 5, 2020
Barr Acknowledges Justice Dept. Has Found No Widespread Voter Fraud December 1, 2020
Analysis | Debunking Trump allies’ latest arguments about fraud in the 2020 election November 30, 2020
Analysis | Trump relies on right-wing cable news to launder his false claims about fraud November 30, 2020
City clerk in Oakland becomes a face of Republican resistance to Trump election fantasies November 29, 2020
In Key States, Republicans Were Critical in Resisting Trump’s Election Narrative November 28, 2020
For Trump advocate Sidney Powell, a playbook steeped in conspiracy theories November 28, 2020
Analysis | Fact-checking Trump’s cellphone rant of election falsehoods November 26, 2020
The Inside Story of Michigan’s Fake Voter Fraud Scandal November 24, 2020
Giuliani and fellow Trump lawyers crank out conspiracies as legal challenges implode November 19, 2020
All Trump has are lies about fraud November 19, 2020
Analysis | The Trump campaign was not denied access to Philadelphia’s ballot count November 19, 2020
Analysis | Trump’s own lawyers keep undermining his voter fraud claims November 19, 2020
When Michigan Republicans Refused to Certify Votes, It Wasn’t Normal November 18, 2020
Trump, allies make frantic steps to overturn Biden victory November 18, 2020
As Georgia’s Hand Recount Concludes, Vote Count Shows Biden Still Ahead November 18, 2020
Trump won Florida after running a false ad tying Biden to Venezuelan socialists November 12, 2020
Trump lawyers suffer embarrassing rebukes from judges over voter fraud claims November 11, 2020
The dangers of Trump’s last stand November 11, 2020
Trump solicits ‘election defense’ donations that also finance his new leadership PAC November 10, 2020
Postal worker recanted allegations of ballot tampering, officials say November 10, 2020
Why GOP superlawyer Ben Ginsberg is bucking his party and blasting Trump’s baseless election claims November 10, 2020
The Times Called Officials in Every State: No Evidence of Voter Fraud November 10, 2020
‘It’s all noise’: The reality behind Trump’s legal fight November 10, 2020
F.B.I. Director Sees No Evidence of National Mail Voting Fraud Effort September 24, 2020
Opinion | Time for Democrats to Call Trump’s Bluff September 24, 2020
Trump stokes a new threat to Wall Street: Election chaos September 24, 2020