U.S. Capitol mob brings questions, fallout for pro-Trump police

January 12, 2021 ☼ trumppoliceblmjan6

Source: NPR - Link

In the aftermath of Wednesday’s siege of the U.S. Capitol, attention is turning to the nation’s police: How many sympathized with what happened?

The head of the Chicago police union minimized the severity of the riot, while his counterpart in Seattle repeated unfounded claims that the “far left” shared responsibility.

Around the country, police departments are following up on reports of off-duty officers spotted in Washington, D.C. The Seattle Police Department has put two officers on paid leave as their presence in D.C. is investigated.

There are lots of pro-trump police who think they’ll survive in this rampage since “blue lives matter”. They are mistaken. The mob will turn on any authority and rip them to shreds. Just as they did to capitol police.