Trump lawyers suffer embarrassing rebukes from judges over voter fraud claims

November 11, 2020 ☼ trumpelection-2020fraud

Source: The Washington Post - Link

By now, it’s well-established that most of the arguments put forward by President Trump’s reelection campaign in its challenge of the results of the 2020 election are baseless and highly speculative. Even Trump allies, as The Washington Post reported late Tuesday, acknowledge the apparent futility of the effort. Others have reasoned that there’s no harm in going through the motions, with one anonymous GOP official asking, “What’s the downside for humoring him” for a little while?

But as scenes in courtrooms nationwide in recent days have shown, there is indeed a downside for those tasked with pursuing these claims. Repeatedly now, they have been rebuked by judges for how thin their arguments have been.

Judge: “Fraud?”

Trump lawyer: “Well sir, we haven’t found any yet, but we’re sure it’s there!”

Judge: “Observers?”

Trump lawyer: “Well um, yes, There were several in the room.”

Judge: “Get out of here.”