Trump attorneys falsely claim he was denied ‘due process’

February 13, 2021 ☼ trumpimpeachmentjan6attorneyslies

Source: The Washington Post - Link

“The due process clause applies to this impeachment hearing, and it’s been severely and extremely violated.” — Trump attorney Michael van der Veen,

Some remarks on the attorney’s statements:

This falsehood is rich with hypocrisy.

The day before these remarks, Trump’s legal team was meeting with Republican senators to strategize on Trump’s defense. Forget about due process. Any lawyer who tried this with jurors in court would be sanctioned or disbarred.

Luckily for Trump, it was not a judicial proceeding. It was political. The House and Senate each set their own rules on impeachment. Each chamber votes. There’s no appeal. The end.

The Constitution guarantees due process to defendants in court facing a potential loss of “life, liberty or property.” Nowhere does it grant the same rights to public officials facing impeachment, removal or disqualification from future officeholding.

I think the Senators all know these remarks are balderdash. Will it stop them from using them as an excuse to acquit?