There’s new evidence showing the lack of fraud in 2020 that Trump’s base will never see

February 2, 2022 ☼ election-2020fraudtrumpnutjobs

Source: The Washington Post (Link)

If you started counting every ballot cast for president in the state of Ohio in 2020, one each second, it would on average take you about 26 hours and 35 minutes before you came across one that the state thought might have been cast illegally. You would expect to find one bad ballot in every 191,000 seconds you spent looking.

On Tuesday, the state reported that its review of voting in the most recent federal election had, predictably, uncovered isolated examples of apparent illegal voting. Those suspect votes — not yet proven to be illegal, mind you — totaled 31 ballots. That’s out of 5.9 million ballots cast for president, meaning that 0.0005 percent of cast ballots were even suspect.

President Donald Trump won Ohio by 476,000 votes. Safe to say that his victory was not tainted by rampant fraud.