The GOP’s contortions on Trump and the ‘stolen’ election grow bigger

May 22, 2021 ☼ gopelection-2020lies

Source: The Washington Post - Link

While much of the coverage of that balance has focused on how pained Republicans are to dissociate themselves with Trump’s claims, the tortuousness also works in the opposite direction. The biggest story might be how little they are doing to distance themselves, but its not-insignificant cousin is how much even the careful distancing some of them are doing makes continuing to support Trump look rather irreconcilable. How do you effectively say this guy is spouting nonsense about an American election being illegitimate and then also say this is the man the country (and your party) should follow?

This is going to get dangerously out-of-hand. Voting restrictions will be imposed. Audits of dem districts will be conducted. Whole precincts of dem ballots will be tossed since they will falsely be deemed tainted.