Surveys show Trump supporters’ degree of dedication to the ‘big lie’

May 22, 2021 ☼ gopelection-2020lies

Source: MinnPost - Link

The “big lie” that Donald Trump actually won the election has developed a frightening durability that renders it almost impervious to facts, evidence and logic, at least in the minds of most Trump supporters. I can’t think of too many precedents in which so many people clung to a falsehood so ferociously.

But a recent Thomas Edsall/New York Times column led me to some interesting survey research that suggesting that many of those who believe the lie cannot be shaken, not even if you ask them what evidence would make them accept Joe Biden’s victory, and they tell you, and then that evidence is produced. It still doesn’t shake their belief in the lie or, if it briefly does, they find their way back to believing that Democratic cheating stole the election from its rightful winner, Donald Trump.

Conspiracy theories are amazingly durable. There is a lot of research into why this is.