Security officials in charge on Jan. 6 tell Congress conflicting stories

February 23, 2021 ☼ jan6capitol-policeresponsehearings

Source: POLITICO - Link

In Tuesday testimony to two Senate committees, former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund said the Pentagon dragged its feet for hours on Jan. 6 — even after law enforcement officials pleaded for backup. Already, a mob inspired by then-President Donald Trump had planted two explosives nearby, breached the Capitol and battered police officers with clubs, mace and other weapons.

There really isn’t much conflict here as there is lack of communication between the various players. The most interesting tidbit is the overly “careful” response of the Pentagon because of the “optics” from Trump’s troop-assisted walk to a church to hold up a Bible.

I suspect we’ll see some implied or overt orders to respond slowly. Trump has already been shown that he didn’t want to order up the Guard. Pence was the one who actually made that call.