Report: Prosecutors Have Obtained Damning Information Allegedly Implicating Trump in His Company’s Crimes

July 21, 2021 ☼ trumpelection-2020

Source: Vanity Fair - Link

After literal decades of avoiding any and all consequences for a life of corruption that has included everything from inciting an attack on the U.S. Capitol to attempting to extort Ukraine, to allegedly directing his lawyer to violate campaign finance laws, to lying to the public about COVID-19, to allegedly stiffing hundreds of contractors, is Donald Trump actually going to be held accountable for running a company accused of, among other things, conspiracy, grand larceny, and multiple counts of tax fraud and falsifying records? On the one hand, he never has, so why would anyone expect it to happen now? On the other, thanks to the work of Manhattan prosecutors and helpful witnesses, he appears to be closer than ever to a situation in which he spends numerous years in prison!

Vanity Fair is hardly unbiased, but raises some points. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.