Opinion | Who’s going to tell the GOP base that they’re being scammed?

December 8, 2020 ☼ goptrumpelection-2020lies

Source: The Washington Post - Link

President Trump has, thoroughly and completely, lost the 2020 election. Now who’s going to tell the Republican base?

Or more to the point, who’s going to tell them they’re being scammed?

The message of the scam is this: Trump can still win — but only if you stay angry enough, keep tuning in to our network and keep sending those donations. He’s counting on you!

All the people making this pitch — Trump himself, his White House staff, his campaign, Republican elected officials, party leaders and conservative media figures — know that it’s a lie. But it’s also the basis of their business model.

This is not going away anytime soon and has the potential to destroy the US.