New Videos Of U.S. Capitol Riot On Jan. 6 Show Violence Against Police Officers

June 19, 2021 ☼ jan6liesgoptrump

Source: NPR - Link

Though the storming of the Capitol was widely covered across virtually all news media and live-streamed by many of the people there, several Republican lawmakers have sought to play down the violence that happened in an attack that left five people dead.

But despite the GOP rhetoric, the charges against defendants like Webster and Fairlamb are not an anomaly. Rather, they are part of a larger pattern of violence wrought that day, particularly against the largely outnumbered police officers who were there. Of the more than 500 people now charged in relation to the storming of the Capitol, at least 96 of them, or nearly 1 in 5, are accused of committing acts of violence, according to a database created and maintained by NPR of all the people charged in the riot.

Trump has recently gotten into the act calling this a “love fest”. Bullshit. Every one of these politicians downplaying this violence is abetting a recurrence and is tantamount to sedition.