It turns out that Trump’s claims of fraud were not scrupulously vetted for accuracy

September 21, 2021 ☼ trumpelection-2020liescrisis

Source: The Washington Post (Link)

By now, you either recognize the accuracy of those two statements or you choose not to. There’s no middle ground, no “let’s wait and see”; it’s been 320-odd days since the election and literally every claim made by Trump — and there have been scores — has come to naught. I exhausted my supply of doubt-benefit in late November, humbly asking the president to simply present whatever unseen evidence he had, evidence that then as now was always just over the horizon. Proof of fraud is to Trump what the Supreme Court overturning the election is to MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell: always coming and never arriving. That Trump continues to say the proof is imminent sort of gives the game away, doesn’t it? By now, Biden has been president longer than Steve Bannon worked in the White House; it seems pretty safe to assume that all of the smoking guns Trump and his guys have identified were just smoldering matches once used to light Rudy Giuliani’s cigars.

They still aren’t being vetted by the politicians who stand to lose their jobs if they speak the truth: that DJT is a liar who is bent on destroying the country to satisfy his own ego.