How the falsehoods at the heart of the Jan. 6 attack survive

January 6, 2022 ☼ election-2020votingfraud

Source: The Washington Post (Link)

Here we have the same shift. People unfamiliar with how elections work will see these outlets and individuals hyping this claim about harvesting and take away the intended message: Trump was right all along! But then you go just a smidgen deeper and see the reality. Solomon admitting that True the Vote “does not allege the ballots delivered by couriers were fraudulent.” Raffensperger, in the Sinclair interview, made that point explicitly.

“Those are still lawful ballots,” he said, “but they’ve just been handled fraudulently with, obviously, the ballot harvesting.”

In other words, this in no way undercuts the integrity of the vote count in Georgia even if, should it be proved, it might damage confidence in the process. Meanwhile, Hemingway does not appear to have shared the news that state investigators found only four examples of votes cast by dead people in Georgia in 2020 — a robust dismantling of a central point Trump made about fraud but one that neither aids Trump nor indicts the media.

Collecting ballots on behalf of other people is limited under Georgia law, and anyone who might have done so possibly faces criminal prosecution. But there’s no evidence now that such an effort in any way affected the outcome in Georgia beyond potentially getting more legal ballots returned. This is not proof of a conspiracy to steal the election from Trump unless you believe that making it easier for Trump opponents to vote is stealing an election.