Former Trump adviser Peter Navarro wants you to know they only intended to overthrow the government peacefully

January 5, 2022 ☼ navarrotrumpelection-2020coup

Source: The Washington Post (Link)

Speaking to Melber as the self-described guy who had “done the homework,” Navarro claimed that, on Jan. 6, the “election was still in doubt and would be until it was certified.” Neither of those things was true; there was no doubt about the election result, as multiple reviews of those results and the utter inability to demonstrate evidence to the contrary made clear. Nor was the election “not certified”: Each state had certified its results and submitted its electoral votes with an accompanying “certificate of ascertainment” to Washington to be counted. There is a shaky procedure in place for contested electoral votes to be adjudicated, but the Trump-Navarro-Bannon (and -John Eastman) plan was a novelty, letting Republican-led legislatures have a do-over on what their electorates had already decided.

“Do you realize you are describing a coup?” Melber asked Navarro at one point.

“No, I totally reject many of your premises there,” Navarro responded. How could Melber claim that secretaries of state had validated the election results when, in some states, “they were put in power by George Soros for the express purpose of shifting the playing field to the Democrats”?