Analysis | Debunking Trump allies’ latest arguments about fraud in the 2020 election

November 30, 2020 ☼ election-2020trumplies

Source: The Washington Post - Link

The 2020 presidential contest ended four weeks ago Tuesday, but for President Trump and his allies, the fight continues. The president, as you’re no doubt well aware, continues to insist that it was he, and not President-elect Joe Biden, who won the election. There is no evidence that this is true in any sense; Trump lost the electoral college by the same margin with which he won it four years ago, even as he lost the popular vote by a much wider margin.

Through some combination of dishonesty and delusion, though, Trump maintains that he won by a wide margin. To bolster his case, he has elevated various scattershot theories aimed loosely at suggesting that something — anything! — sketchy may have occurred. Those theories ebb and evolve depending on how ludicrous they are shown to be, meaning that the collection of falsehoods itself changes over time.

Given the ongoing effort to elevate various claims, we thought it worthwhile to catalogue some of the more common assertions. Each of the claims in bold below is false, as the text that follows demonstrates. Feel free to use this as a one-stop rebuttal to Trump’s claims; if other assertions warrant future inclusion, we’ll add them.

The article goes on to refute all the points that DJT is making.