With law enforcement in a workforce crisis, area students say why they aspire to be police officers

August 31, 2021 ☼ policingresignationrecruitingcivility

Source: Post Bulletin - Link

The challenge is underscored anecdotally. Working in law enforcement is often a family affair, but that chain is being broken as many officers tell their children to avoid the profession. said RCTC law enforcement instructor Vince Scheckel.

“They’re not encouraging their daughters and sons to get into law enforcement,” Scheckel said. “It was a family tradition. But I hear it all the time. That’s kind of going away.”

The pandemic and the lack of civility have all played a part in this. Teachers, nurses, service workers, all are finding it hard to recruit. People don’t want to work in areas where they are continually exposed to disrespect and sometimes violence.