Why Did Trump Decide Not to Have a Plan to Vaccinate the Country?

March 13, 2021 ☼ trumppandemicvaccines

Source: Talking Points Memo - Link

As we noted in various articles over the last two days the Trump administration (albeit mainly career civil servants) deserve some credit for Operation Warp Speed, which backstopped the risk in private pharmaceutical companies of going all out in vaccine creation and production. But on the distribution front, their record was close to catastrophic. As Josh Kovensky and Kate Riga explain here, they literally had no plan to do anything. The “plan” was not to have a plan. The military would airlift the supplies to designated airports in each state and then it was up to the states.

This could be because of incompetence, ideology, or understaffing. In any case, it was a nearly criminal abdication of responsibility.