Wave Of Bills To Block Trans Athletes Has No Basis In Science, Researcher Says

March 18, 2021 ☼ lgbtqtransathleticsculure-wars

Source: NPR - Link

Often missing from the culture-war aspect of the debate is a focus on the type of questions that Dr. Eric Vilain has spent much of his career researching. Vilain, a pediatrician and geneticist who studies sex differences in athletes, says there are no good faith reasons to limit transgender women’s participation in sports, especially at the high school level. Vilain has advised both the International Olympic Committee and the NCAA, and says these laws generally aren’t based in scientific evidence, but rather “target women who have either a different biology or … simply look different.”

There’s no reason for discriminating at the high school level. I’m not sure what happens at the pro level. Perhaps blood tests could also show unacceptable levels for testosterone?