Truthiness, Trump and the GOP

March 2, 2021 ☼ goptrumplies

Source: MinnPost - Link

The great majority of the Republican Party is going through a terrible crisis of truthiness. How else can we explain the continued belief by so many GOP leaders, state parties and rank and file members that Donald Trump won November’s election? What other reason can there for so many to ignore the fact that after examining evidence and arguments judges and election officials of both parties uniformly dismissed Trump’s baseless claims of electoral conspiracy and fraud?


By the summer of 2020, the GOP had so subordinated itself to Trump’s truthiness that the party platform’s policy resolution only said, “the Republican Party has and will continue to enthusiastically support the President’s America-first agenda.” Nothing more. Absent were time-honored GOP precepts such as a strong foreign policy, limits on government spending and praise of the free market. Instead, the party’s 2020 agenda was left for Trump to fill in the blanks. Republican policy minds were to be empty until Trump filled them.

I have nothing to add.