Trump team tries to milk the politics of food boxes

January 19, 2021 ☼ trumppandemic

Source: POLITICO - Link

The flurry of self-promotion, following other efforts by Trump administration officials to leverage the food program for alleged political gain, has triggered mounting complaints from anti-hunger advocates who are concerned the $6 billion aid program is being brazenly leveraged for political purposes.

“Food assistance shouldn’t be politicized and it’s now being used as a tool to soften Ivanka’s image,” said one advocate, who argued that nutrition assistance should remain nonpartisan. The Biden transition team is reviewing the program, which has funding through the spring.

To be fair, this is more about Ivanka than it is about DJT. She does harbor political ambitions, but it’s a stretch to say she’s using this program just to further them. It’s tinged, but lightly.