Trump’s Incomplete Border Wall Is in Pieces That Could Linger for Decades

March 16, 2021 ☼ trumpborderwallstupid

Source: The New York Times - Link

The sweeping view of undefiled wilderness on the border with Mexico long rewarded hikers who completed the Arizona Trail, an 800-mile route winding through deserts, canyons and forests.

Then something else came into focus a few weeks ago at the forbidding site in the Huachuca Mountains: a lonely segment of border wall, connected to nothing at all, in an area where migrants rarely even try to cross into the United States.

“There it was, this unfinished piece of completely pointless wall, right in this magical place,” said Julia Sheehan, 31, a nurse and former Air Force mechanic who trekked to the site with three other military veterans who are hiking the Arizona Trail. “It’s one of the most senseless things I’ve ever seen.”

The bits of wall were constructed in places where it was easiest to acquire land (e.g. already owned wilderness) and easy to get to. The environmental damage is severe. The expense was ridiculous. The affect on migration is minimal.