Trump’s diminished power is showing at a very bad time

July 29, 2021 ☼ infrastructuretrumpgop

Source: The Washington Post - Link

On Wednesday, the White House and a bipartisan group of senators announced that they had reached a compromise on a massive infrastructure spending bill. The announcement was the culmination of months of discussion, an effort to work across party lines that is deeply atypical in this political moment. But if there was to be bipartisan agreement on anything, infrastructure would seem like a good bet. Spending on traditional infrastructure elements always polls well, to the extent that presidents have for decades promised to increase infrastructure spending. But in part because it’s such an easy win, there was often reticence on the part of one party to hand a president of the opposing party that victory.

Yet from the sidelines, a shouting voice emerged from the din of discussion about the deal. There was Trump, hollering about the price Republicans would soon pay.

In the GOP playbook you can never compromise or give a “victory” to the Dems, even if you want it really bad.