’Tis the season, once again: Evangelicals must save Christmas from an imaginary enemy

December 12, 2021 ☼ war-on-christmas

Source: Salon.com (Link)

Here comes my favorite season of the evangelical political calendar. It’s time for the righteous war to save Christmas from the evil progressives with their “Happy Holidays” and their zero-tolerance policy for nativity scenes. Those heartless liberals will attempt once again to destroy the true meaning of Christmas, burn down all the Christmas trees (not just the one outside the Fox News building), spell it as “Xmas” and generally rip all mention of God from this holiest of holidays.

No of course I don’t believe any of that, despite my personal background as an evangelical pastor. In truth, this yet another political and cultural issue that has been created entirely out of whole cloth by the great distaction agents of the evangelical Republican machine. I believe this issue perfectly illustrates the blueprint behind the evangelical approach to politics. They start with a fake issue that requires no grounding in scripture, zero biblical evidence and zero change for anyone within their own group. It is easily identifiable and pushes emotional buttons, which makes it an easy money-raising grift for politicians and pastors, and reliably provides a seasonal ratings boost for Fox News. It’s another issue where evangelicals get to pretend they are fighting for God’s cause while in fact ignoring every issue that affects God’s people. Lastly, they get to declare victory every year because, no matter what Donald Trump and any number of leading evangelicals may claim, there never was a war on Christmas conducted by liberals, atheists, Muslims, Jews, godless Communists and other infidels.

A bit of well-deserved snark from an evangelical pastor who has his head on straight.