‘They need to move quickly’: A Texas DACA case could force Congress to move on immigration

February 10, 2021 ☼ dacamigrantstrumpbidenobama

Source: POLITICO - Link

Many anticipate that DACA will be ruled unlawful, given the Trump administration’s handling of the case and the judge’s track record on immigration. It would be the latest blow to the program, which has been caught in legal limbo since former President Barack Obama introduced it in 2012.

Still, despite its legal challenges, DACA remains popular, with widespread support among both Republicans and Democrats, who believe so-called Dreamers should be shielded from deportation and given legal status. But if DACA is overturned, recipients will be stripped of their protection from deportation and work permits. And that could pressure Congress to offer permanent legal status for Dreamers — and potentially other undocumented immigrants.

I have no idea how this would play in Congress with the GOP if push came to shove. DACA is popular though.