The world’s top climate scientists have a new warning for Washington

August 8, 2021 ☼ climateipcc

Source: POLITICO - Link

Congress is preparing to order the biggest U.S. investment in history for fighting climate change — hundreds of billions of dollars to clean up the power grid, fortify ecosystems and wean American drivers off fossil fuels.

But scientists say it won’t be nearly enough.

The latest warning is set to arrive Monday from the United Nation’s premier climate science panel, whose findings land as wildfires ravage the West, droughts squeeze U.S. farmers, and heatwaves force power companies to ration supplies — and portend even more calamitous events in the coming decades. The document will be the sixth major report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a group consisting of the world’s leading climate scientists.

Governments will take only token action. The economic shock from really tackling the problem scares them silly, but they will be paid in increasing misery and lowered productivity anyway.