The Two Swords: Christians and Their Weapons

March 12, 2021 ☼ gunssecond-amendmentwhite-christian-nationalism

Source: Public Orthodoxy - Link

Americans, especially American Christians, have a fixation on their so-called “God-given Second Amendment Right” to arm themselves to the hilt. I know many Orthodox, even some clergy, who own and hunt with firearms and eat what they kill. But the weapons-mania of the so-called “Christian” Right is not about food and not about recreation. It’s not even about decorating their hunting lodges. It’s about personal survival at the expense of others. There’s a basic question here: is it our vocation as Christians to be prepared to kill other human beings in the name of clinging to this world?

The article goes on to quote Matthew 26:52. “Put away your sword! For all who take up the sword will perish by the sword.”

It may be reasonable to purchase weapons for self-defense. It is utterly unreasonable to suggest that the right to do so is God-given and must be unregulated.