The Supreme Court Vs. Democracy

July 12, 2021 ☼ scotusvotingvoter-suppression

Source: Steady - Link

This is the intended response —to be too tired to fight. This is Mitch McConnell’s grand plan —do whatever he could to entrench the courts. And Chief Justice John Roberts has made it very clear that he has no problem with his legacy being the man who undermined some of the most significant progress on our nation’s tortured and uneven path towards greater racial justice. 

The vote is everything. It is the means by which we can make change without violence. It is the way that our country can grow, can evolve, and can lock in progress. It is the ultimate belief that the will of the people should be honored. But which people? The Republicans want it to be the “right” ones, their people. To accomplish this, they are playing to the deep sins of exclusion, marginalization, and inequality that have been a hallmark of this nation since its founding. And the Supreme Court, bolstered in its majority by the destructive obstructionism of McConnell, is eager to play along. 

I’m hoping for a backlash. This is going to get very ugly. At some point the SCOTUS is going to have to have some backbone. I believe the conservative element is honest for the most part.