The misleading claim that Biden would raise taxes $28,000 per household

June 18, 2021 ☼ taxesgoplies

Source: The Washington Post - Link

Yet somehow, that factoid ended up in Williams’s newsletter in a misleading way. Our reader certainly thought Williams wrote that Biden would increase her taxes by $28,000. Williams linked to a copy of the RSC document, but even then it’s not very clear.

For the record, Biden’s tax plan basically skips about 99 percent of the nation’s households, as he aims his proposed tax increases at corporations and the wealthiest taxpayers. A few days after Williams sent his missive, the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center released estimates on how it would affect Americans.

“Nearly all of President Biden’s proposed tax increases would be borne by the highest income 1 percent of households — those making about $800,000 or more,” wrote Howard Gleckman of the TPC. “At the same time, Biden would cut taxes for many low- and moderate-income households and reduce them substantially for those with children.”

The guy can’t do math and doesn’t understand tax policy. Actually, he probably does, and is just doing this for outrage.