The irony of Elise Stefanik and Texas’s lieutenant governor amplifying white replacement theory

September 17, 2021 ☼ foxmigrationwrt

Source: The Washington Post (Link)

It used to be that expressing the concern that immigration threatens to undermine America was considered unacceptable in political discussions. Most Americans believe that immigration makes the country stronger, not weaker, and such assertions hark back to the grim treatment of immigration as a political issue a century ago. Then, politicians demonized immigrants and passed laws restricting their arrival, an effort generally understood to be at odds with the country’s ideals — when it wasn’t explicitly racist.

So it’s strange to see the idea that immigrants pose a threat to the country emerging as an acceptable, if not preferred, talking point. It came up recently, as such rhetoric often does, on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show, on which he argued that Democrats were encouraging wave after wave of immigrants to reshape the electorate to their advantage. We’ve repeatedly seen the ways by which political claims are used as proxies for racial ones in recent months, and Carlson’s track record makes clear that his concern is about more than there being a new counterweight to the Republican vote.

The DJT-branded restrictions on immigration included huge reductions in documented immigration as well as attempted reductions in the undocumented. This will cause economic hardship as immigrants are turned away. They contribute to the economy and strength of the nation.