The hole in the Trump team’s lab leak victory campaign

June 18, 2021 ☼ chinapompeotrump

Source: The Washington Post - Link

Trump’s former secretary of state Mike Pompeo, after spending weeks playing up just how right he and Trump supposedly were, submitted to some tough questioning about it Sunday. Fox News’s Chris Wallace brought up an extremely valid question, which we’ve been emphasizing in this space: If this theory truly had lots of evidence behind it, as both Trump and Pompeo claimed, why did they never produce it? And, to the extent this was a valid theory, why didn’t they push harder?

“President Trump and his team, including you, had almost a year after covid-19 first came on the scene to really press Beijing on what the origins were, when the evidence was much fresher,” Wallace said. He noted the White House pulled out of the World Health Organization, which was criticized for being soft on China, but it wasn’t at all clear what else it did to apply pressure.

“What did President Trump and his administration, including the secretary of state, do to press China harder to get the evidence on where the covid-19 virus came from?” Wallace asked.

Pompeo was a rising start. I doubt he’ll make a blip in 2024.