The GOP’s festering Marjorie Taylor Greene problem

May 25, 2021 ☼ greenegopmccarthy

Source: The Washington Post - Link

“Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene” was always a phrase that was going to be trouble for House Republicans. It’s why GOP leaders went to the unusual trouble of subtly trying to prevent the QAnon supporter and conspiracy theorist from winning the GOP nomination in an extremely safe Republican seat. Georgia’s 14th District is the kind of district they would never have otherwise bothered to pay attention to.

But Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is reality, and Republicans need to ask themselves how much more of it they can take before they do something more severe. Because it’s clearly not working.

Greene’s latest exploit involves comparing the House’s coronavirus-related mask requirement to how the Nazis treated German Jews around the time of the Holocaust.

Since the GOP is slowly becoming the party of nutjobs, McCarthy has to be careful. If he wants to keep his own job, he has to pander to the MTG wing.