Texas is the latest example of how governments are unprepared for disaster

February 20, 2021 ☼ texaspower-failureclimate

Source: The Washington Post - Link

The rolling disaster that played out in Texas over the past week is one more object lesson about the role of governments and the responsibilities of the politicians who lead them. This is not the long-debated issue of how much government is too much government but the practical question of how much government and governmental preparedness is enough.

Texas provides the latest example of the chronic lack of disaster preparedness that over the years has plagued government at all levels. The rare combination of winter snowstorms and record cold temperatures brought death, property destruction and hardship as millions lost power, suffered water shortages or were under orders to boil their water before using it.

To be fair it is not just Texas. All states, indeed all nations, are unprepared for the disasters yet to come because of climate change.