Texas Governor Calls For Investigation Into Group That Manages State Power Grid

February 16, 2021 ☼ texasclimatepower-failurelibertarians

Source: NPR - Link

With Texans facing their second day of rotating intentional power outages, Gov. Greg Abbott declared reform of the group that manages the state’s power grid to be an emergency item for the legislature to take on during its current session. An investigation is needed to prevent more such outages, Abbott said.

“The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) has been anything but reliable over the past 48 hours,” Abbott said. “Far too many Texans are without power and heat for their homes as our state faces freezing temperatures and severe winter weather. This is unacceptable.”

I predict any investigation headed up by Libertarians will fault government policy and not fix the real problem, which is the free market for cheap electricity that discourages investment in reliability and purchase on the spot market. In an emergency like this the spot market prices skyrocket which discourages emergency purchase.