Surgeon general nominee Vivek Murthy made millions from coronavirus consulting

February 20, 2021 ☼ bidenmurthysurgeon-generalcabinet

Source: The Washington Post - Link

“We didn’t have a full window into how enmeshed he was in the selling-advice process,” said Jeff Hauser, who leads the Revolving Door Project, part of the Center for Economic and Policy Research, a progressive think tank. “There are large questions in the minds of the public about the health and safety risks that might exist in areas like the cruise industry, and we want the surgeon general to give people completely impartial advice.”

Being a consultant and making money should not be disqualifying if the advice his was giving his clients is consistent with the science. Businesses hire consultants to give them frank advice. The situation would be different if he were lobbying for the business.

It certainly was not a problem for most of Trump’s choices.