Ron DeSantis says Floridians with covid-19 should take Regeneron antibody treatment given to Trump

August 13, 2021 ☼ desantisfloridapandemic

Source: The Washington Post - Link

While doctors have noted the treatment’s promise and effectiveness in clinical trials, others have stressed that taking the vaccine remains the most crucial defense to fight the spread of the virus. One physician noted that there is only a small supply, making the Regeneron antibodies “an extremely effective treatment for a limited number of people.”

DeSantis told reporters that the mobile units, which are already operating in parts of the state hit hard by the delta variant, will be expanded throughout Florida. The Trump administration last year initially bought 300,000 doses of Regeneron’s monoclonal antibody treatment, which costs about $1,500 per dose. DeSantis did not specify how many Floridians would have access to the shots.

Um. Right. This is effective management??