Rick Scott’s zombie claim about voter fraud in 2018

February 2, 2021 ☼ electionsgopdemslies

Source: The Washington Post - Link

Even some Democrats criticized the election officials in Broward County for their handling of the 2018 vote and history of lapses. (Snipes has since been replaced.) “The Broward SOE [supervisor of elections] got overwhelmed by late vote-by-mail ballots and rather than counting early, as they do traditionally, they counted them after,” said Florida Democratic strategist Steve Schale, who was not working for a candidate in the 2018 race. “The competence of the office is a fair question, but the fraud accusation is absurd. In fact, the ballots received but not counted was on their website the whole time.”

  1. There are always going to be irregularities. We can only try to keep them to a minimum.

  2. Scott is a jerk for continuing to lie about this.