Republicans risk becoming face of delta surge as key GOP governors oppose anti-covid measures

August 11, 2021 ☼ pandemicgop

Source: The Washington Post - Link

They and other national and local GOP officials cast their opposition to such measures as an effort to protect personal choice. But some fear the party is on track to make itself the face of the delta variant — endangering fellow Americans while also risking severe political damage in the long term.

“They’re making a political bet on the lives of the people they serve,” said former Republican National Committee chairman Michael S. Steele, who has been sharply critical of former president Donald Trump and has formed an exploratory committee for a potential 2022 Maryland gubernatorial bid. “The party leadership has gone so far out on this limb that there they stand with a saw in their hand and they’re sawing it off.”

I like Steele’s analogy. One can only hope that voters reject them for their incompetence.