Quiet part loud: Trump says Pence ‘could have overturned the election’ | Donald Trump

January 31, 2022 ☼ trumppencecoup

Source: The Guardian (Link)

Source: The Guardian

On Sunday Trump attempted to seize on moves by a bipartisan group of senators to reform the Electoral Count Act of 1887, which Trump tried to use to have Pence refuse to certify Biden’s victory.

Pence concluded he did not have the authority to do so. On the same day, 6 January 2021, supporters Trump told to “fight like hell” attacked the US Capitol.

Seven people died and more than 100 police officers were hurt. More than 700 people have been charged, 11 with seditious conspiracy. Trump and his aides are the target of congressional investigation.

But Trump survived impeachment when enough Senate Republicans stayed loyal and is free to run for office.

On Saturday, he promised pardons for 6 January rioters if re-elected and exhorted followers to protest against investigations of his business and political affairs in New York and Georgia.