Post-Trump, the GOP Continues to Be the Party of (White) Grievance

March 25, 2021 ☼ goptrumpwhiteness

Source: Mother Jones - Link

After the GOP lost the presidential election in 2012, the Republican National Committee mounted an autopsy that it called the “most comprehensive post-election review” ever made of an electoral loss. That post-mortem concluded that the party had a weak message and a lousy ground game and needed to better pitch its policies to reach out to women, voters of color, and gay Americans. Of course, the party did none of that and in 2016 allowed itself to become a cult that celebrated a bigoted and misogynistic demagogue with little allegiance to principle or policy. Now in the aftermath of the GOP’s 2020 loss, rather than conduct another dissection, the party is feasting on its own entrails, as it reconfirms it is mostly a party for pissed-off white people who are obsessed with grievances, real or imagined.

Instead of enlarging the tent, they’re shrinking it and making it hard for others to participate.