January 7, 2022 The Case Against Crypto

January 7, 2022 The Case Against Crypto

January 7, 2022 The Case Against Crypto

January 6, 2022 ‘What is it going to it take?’: Rep. Andy Kim reflects on division a year after Jan. 6

January 6, 2022 Cobb County GOP in Georgia cancels prayer vigil honoring arrested defendants on anniversary of Jan. 6 Capitol riot

January 6, 2022 Sister of slain security officer sues Facebook over killing tied to Boogaloo movement

January 6, 2022 Ex-Trumpers set to plot how to try and take down Trump

January 6, 2022 How the falsehoods at the heart of the Jan. 6 attack survive

January 6, 2022 Former Republican Rep. Vin Weber reflects on Jan. 6 Capitol attack

January 6, 2022 Ted Cruz grovels to Tucker Carlson over Jan. 6 ‘terrorist attack’ remark

January 5, 2022 Rep. Andy Kim with the receipts

January 5, 2022 A year after the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection, the world still sees something broken in America’s democracy.

January 5, 2022 Former Trump adviser Peter Navarro wants you to know they only intended to overthrow the government peacefully

January 5, 2022 The Ticking Bomb of Crypto Fascism - In These Times

January 5, 2022 Yet Another Resident of The Villages Busted for 2020 Voter Fraud

January 5, 2022 The Villages sees a voter-fraud outbreak — with a MAGA twist

January 5, 2022 Opinion | The false prophets who inspired the violence on Jan. 6

January 4, 2022 Navarro confirms Trump’s Jan. 6 plot

January 4, 2022 GOP shudders at Trump Jan. 6 speech

January 4, 2022 Thousands of teachers, students absent as Omicron ravages Florida

January 4, 2022 Trump cancels Jan. 6 news conference at Mar-a-Lago, blames news media and House committee investigating attack on Capitol

January 3, 2022 Capitol rioters’ tears, remorse don’t spare them from jail

January 3, 2022 Most Republicans still believe the dangerous falsehood at the heart of Jan. 6

January 2, 2022 Marjorie Taylor Greene account permanently suspended from Twitter

January 2, 2022 Liz Cheney on Trump: He’s a threat to American democracy

December 30, 2021 U.S. unemployment claims drop to 198,000

December 29, 2021 ‘Slow-motion insurrection’: How GOP seizes election power

December 26, 2021 Good riddance to 2021, the stupidest year in U.S. history

December 23, 2021 2 Georgia poll workers sue Giuliani, OAN over election conspiracy theories

December 23, 2021 Trump’s ‘Big Lie’ endures and poses a threat to U.S. democracy

December 21, 2021 Boeing, Airbus urge delay in 5G wireless service over aircraft safety concerns

December 21, 2021 Phil Waldron’s Unlikely Role in Pushing Baseless Election Claims

December 21, 2021 Unruly behavior on flights could result in revoked TSA Pre-check, the FAA says

December 21, 2021 ‘The guy should be fired on the spot’: Fauci rebukes Fox News host over violent rhetoric

December 20, 2021 Deadline Detroit | Michigan Hospital Workers Subject to Violence From Patients During Pandemic

December 20, 2021 What losing Build Back Better means for climate change

December 20, 2021 Wyoming trusts, protected by strong privacy laws, draw global elite

December 20, 2021 A man was sentenced to prison for threatening journalists. I was one of them

December 20, 2021 Top DeSantis official embraced critical race theory in dissertation

December 19, 2021 Dems trip over their own sky-high expectations

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