Osterholm on the fourth COVID-19 wave, schools reopening and vaccine safety

September 1, 2021 ☼ pandemicvaccinesabelerosterholm

Source: MPR - Link

Osterholm firmly reiterated the importance and safety of vaccination against COVID-19, debunking Minnesota state Sen. Jim Abeler’s claim that more than 200 Minnesotans have died from receiving the COVID-19 vaccines, which he made at an anti-mask rally Saturday.

“The senator’s wrong, and he knows it. It’s just not true,” Osterholm said.

According to Osterholm, Abeler’s claim is an “abuse” of data from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), a national effort to detect potential safety problems in vaccines.

Any adverse health outcome following vaccination, even if ultimately unrelated, can be reported to VAERS for further investigation. Osterholm said Abeler was mischaracterizing deaths in the system unrelated to vaccines.

“I can say safely at this point in Minnesota, no one has died from receiving the COVID vaccine. No one,” Osterholm said. “These vaccines are safer than aspirin.”

Chiropractors are not known for astute medical observations.