Opinion | The Great Resignation is also the Great Retirement of the baby boomers. That’s a problem.

February 18, 2022 ☼ resignationboomersretirementeconomy

Source: The Washington Post (Link)

Then covid hit. The longer Valadez was out of work, the less he wanted to return to 12-hour days in the stressful environment of the restaurant industry. When the economy reopened and potential employers began to reach out, he surprised himself by saying no. “I talked to my wife, I talked to my sons, and they told me, ‘Don’t work. You work too much,’” Valadez told me. Instead, he filed for Social Security.

And that’s how Valadez came to take part in the Great Retirement of the baby boomers — a workplace exodus with the power to upend both the workplace and the U.S. economy.