Opinion | Texas shows us what post-democracy America would look like

September 2, 2021 ☼ texasdemocracyabortion

Source: The Washington Post - Link

Texas this week showed us what a post-democracy America would look like.

Thanks to a series of actions by the Texas legislature and governor, we now see exactly what the Trumpified Republican Party wants: to take us to an America where women cannot get abortions, even in cases of rape and incest; an America where almost everybody can openly carry a gun in public, without license, without permit, without safety training and without fingerprinting; and an America where law-abiding Black and Latino citizens are disproportionately denied the right to vote.

At some point I suspect they will force us to buy guns, dismantle the public school system, shut down news organizations, and close universities. They’ll keep the lower castes dumb and killing each other while the upper castes watch.