Opinion: Republicans’ blunder on voting rights

March 29, 2021 ☼ gopvotingrestrictions

Source: The Washington Post - Link

The water provision is mean-spirited and blatantly punitive, instantly recognizable as a Jim Crow tactic designed to make people miserable simply because they are living in a neighborhood (most likely a minority neighborhood) where voting authorities have already tried to discourage voting by deploying old machines and limiting polling places. (“A recent study found that the average wait time in Georgia after polls were scheduled to close was six minutes in neighborhoods that were at least 90% white, and 51 minutes in places that were at least 90% nonwhite,” according to the complaint.) If there were ever a way to get White Americans up in arms about rules that primarily affect Black and Hispanic voters, this is it.

This just might backfire on them. The real key will be how long the waits are in these districts and how big the actual turn out might be. Will the GOP be be so obviously biased?